If your toilet stopped working right now, how bad would it be? If you have ever experienced living with non-functioning toilets in your home for any length of time, you know how it will disrupt your entire life. This is a very good motivation for making sure that your toilets are in good repair, but there is also another reason why it is important. If you have leaks from your toilet, you have potentially dangerous bacteria leaking out into your living space, some of which can cause very serious diseases.

So what can go wrong with your toilet? One thing to look out for is if the bowl or tank is developing cracks. While these might seem insignificant, they are a sign that you should replace your toilet as soon as possible. A minor crack can turn into a disaster really quickly.

If your toilet rocks when you sit on it, you should make sure that it is properly supported. This might require that the toilet gets removed and reinstalled to make sure that it is stable.

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