Do you think that you have formaldehyde in your home? You might think that you wouldn’t have any reason to have that chemical in your home, but in fact, it’s very possible that it might exist there, especially if you have older furniture. In the past formaldehyde was used in glue, pressed wood, and fabrics, all of which make many different pieces of furniture. Of course, when it was found out that formaldehyde can have very serious health effects, even cancer, its use has declined, but that doesn’t mean that you might not have something in your home that contains it. It was also used for insulation for a while, which you might not be aware of.

There shouldn’t be more than 0.03 parts per million of formaldehyde in the air in your home, but you might not have the tools available to check the levels in your home. If you are experiencing health issues that you can’t figure out the cause for, you might want to look at the furniture you have.

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