Regardless of what happened with the pandemic, there is an activity that can simultaneously help prevent illness and keep your property in good condition – disinfecting!

While cleaning involves removing visible dirt or debris – and is of course highly recommended – disinfecting refers to “killing” microscopic organisms like viruses, which are invisible. Of course, the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 is one of these microscopic organisms, but the ideas mentioned in this blog post apply to all viruses.

There are a tremendous amount of commercial disinfectant solutions available, and nearly all of them advertise a success rate of somewhere around 99% of germs. Regardless of the product used, it’s a good idea to use it regularly to disinfect the common touchpoints in your home. This would include handles, knobs, switches, surfaces, and buttons, but you might also make a mental note of each object you interact with as you carry out your daily activities, and make it a point to disinfect those objects as well.

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