Maybe they are cute and small, but almost nobody wants to find them inside their home. We are talking about mice, a common pest.

Mice can carry disease and also cause damage to a home. They can eat your food, leave their droppings all over, and chew through wires. They also can repopulate pretty quickly and become an infestation.

For prevention, make sure to seal any small openings in screens, doors, chimneys, and holes that lead outside, such as ones around piping. Store your food in airtight containers and keep counters and floors clean from crumbs. Keep your home dry, eliminating moisture areas in basements and attics.

If you do find that a mouse has made its way into your home, go to a store or shop online for mouse traps or bait. There are humane traps that allow you to catch and release the mouse or others that will kill it upon contact. Poisonous bait is another way to kill a mouse when it is ingested. The most important thing is to act quickly before it becomes a major issue. Call a pest control professional if you think you may have an infestation.

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